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A very warm welcome to International Early Years Academy - I.E.Y.A. - We are an English Kindergarten, Nursery and Preschool for children between eighteen months to six years. Our school is located in the 18th district, one of the most beautiful areas in Vienna, Austria.


Enjoy the insight into our happy, inclusive and highly successful school. We are very proud of our joyful and secure learning environment. All of our staff are caring, enthusiastic, highly skilled and committed professionals, providing high quality education.

Key Information & Language requirements

International Early Years Academy provides a warm, safe and stimulating environment for young children to develop their social, language, motor and creative skills.

I.E.Y.A. admits children with all levels of English - we welcome native speakers as well as non English speakers.

We provide an exciting curriculum that caters for all learning needs and promotes a growth mindset and the use of inquiry learning. Our curriculum enables teachers to create individual learning plans for each child to support their specific needs. We strive to have authentic learning experiences and allow our little learners to make connections with their prior knowledge, cultural background and learning styles.



I.E.Y.A is very successful in preparing children for their next stage in education. Outstanding teaching, an exciting curriculum and the continuous drive for improvement by all ensures that not only are the children equipped with the

academic knowledge, skills and understanding to prepare them for their future, but also ensures that they are confident and caring individuals ready to influence and shape the world they live in.


Warm & Friendly 

We provide a warm, friendly, safe and stimulating environment for your child to develop social, language and creative skills. All of our staff are caring, enthusiastic, highly skilled and committed to providing the best possible education for all children within a happy and secure learning environment.

Small Classes 

We keep class sizes small and place children according to agegroups. This ensures that each child gets the attention and support according to her/ his individual needs. Our beautiful premises located in the 18th district of Vienna provides children with enough space to explore and play.


Our beautiful and extensive garden is a lovely place for the children to spend time outdoors. Our outdoor activities and equipment nurture healthy and active fun through running, jumping, climbing, cycling, sand, and water play. We have a specially designed outdoor classroom that we use during the summer season.


As in any home, we pay special attention to children's nutritional needs by providing organic and sustainable daily meals and snacks (pork free). Meals are from a catering specialised in nursery and preschools. 

Vision and Values


Our school strives to be a community where all children feel loved, respected, safe

and are encouraged to develop their full potential.


Our approach provides learning and developmental opportunities for children within a

safe, nurturing, respectful and inclusive school environment.


Safety - I.E.Y.A. provides a safe environment. Respect - Respectful social interaction

and communication amongst the community. Positive Learning environment - well

equipped, engaging, happy environment, including dedicated and exceptional


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