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You can register throughout the academic year if and when there is a space. For all children, places are allocated based on the date of registration and age. The earlier you apply the more chance you have of securing a place. To register, fill out the application form. Please contact the office to schedule a visit of the school.


School fees are charged on a yearly basis and cover day-to-day tuition, the use of text and library books plus basic stationery, general educational materials and meals. Find out more about International Early Year Academy’s fee by clicking on the link below.


School Policies (regarding admission policy, illness policy, incident & accident policy) cover the aspect of school life. Find out detailed and most important information about I.E.Y.A. - International Early Year Academy’s - school policies by clicking below.


A School-Bus Service for I.E.Y.A. is available in all Viennese districts. If you need further information concerning the bus fees and registration please contact the office.


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