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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • From what age do you take children?
    We take children from the age of 18 month onwards. Our classes are divided according to age groups. 18months to 3 years, 3 to 4 years, 4 - 5 years and 5- 6 years.
  • Language requirement - Does my child need to speak English to be admitted at I.E.Y.A.?
    We admit children with all levels of English. We welcome native speakers as well as non English speakers.
  • How many children are in one class?
    We have 15 to 16 places in each class.
  • How many teachers are in each class?
    There are 2 teachers in each class (ratio 1:8)
  • Where do our teachers come from?
    Our teacher are from Irland, America, England, India, Republic of South Africa and Hungary.
  • What qualifications do the teachers have?
    All our classroom teachers are holding at least one teaching degree and have several years of teaching experience.
  • What time can I drop my child off and when do I have to pick him/her up?
    Present opening hours are 7:45 to 16:00. Please make sure to drop your child off latest at 8:55 in the morning. Pick-up is from 15:30 to 16:00.
  • How many different nationalities are there in I.E.Y.A?
    Currently we have 16 different nationalities in our school.
  • When do I have to apply for a place for my child?
    Applications are accepted at anytime as long as places are available.
  • How often do the children go outside into the garden?
    Our beautiful 300m2 garden is a lovely place for the children to spend time (mornings, after lunch and before pick-up) depending on the weather.
  • Do the children go on outings?
    Once a month the 4-6 year old children go on outings in line with our topics.
  • Who is catering at school?
    All our meals are cooked in the school kitchen by our Chef de cuisine.
  • Do you teach German in I.E.Y.A?
    I.E.Y.A. is an English speaking Kindergarten/Nursery and Preschool. However we do offer as extra curricular activity German lessons twice a week, which have to be booked and paid separately.
  • Do you offer extra curricular activities?
    We offer Dance, Ukulele, German , Science and Taekwondo. All extra curricular activities are of extra charge.
  • Does my child have to wear the school uniform every day?
    It is mandatory to wear the school uniform on a daily bases. The uniform can be purchased in the school office.
  • Does I.E.Y.A. provide support teachers?
    The school is NOT responsible for providing or paying a shadow teacher when one is needed. This is the responsibility of the parent or guardian.
  • Is there a School-Bus-Service for I.E.Y.A. available?
    A School-Bus Service for I.E.Y.A. will be available from all Viennese districts from September 2021 on. For bus fees, registration (from now on) and further information please contact the office.
  • Is there a School-Bus-Service for I.E.Y.A. available?
    A School-Bus Service for I.E.Y.A. is available in all Viennese districts. If you need further information concerning the bus fees and registration please contact the office.
  • Who is catering at school?
    MaxCatering GmbH provides us every day with freshly cooked meals with only the best and mostly organic ingredients.
  • Do you offer extracurricular activities?
    Piano, German, Young Engineering and Taekwondo.
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